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Advanced Non-Fiction Writing

ENGL 145.601
T 5:30-8:10

This course is not open to freshmen

This course will be organized around short in-class and weekly writing assignments, readings and exercises, some of which will be looked at in workshops. Additionally, there will be one longer, feature-length piece that will connect the writer to the outside world and will go through an intensive drafting and revision process. While personal investment and perspective are welcomed in all the writing for this class, the long assignment will focus outward, on an event, person, place or topic that will allow the inclusion of reported content…so that art and fact can meet on the page.


This class is for the brave of heart, for people willing to experiment and push themselves in their writing and – heaven help us – receive with open minds the constructive criticism of their peers and instructor.


Prerequisites for this class are a curiosity about the world, a willingness to reflect, and a desire to honestly capture the wonder, confusion, uplift, terror, and hilarity that surround us all.

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