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Writers Advisors Section

ENGL 435.601
W 6:30-9:10

English 135 (Writing Advisors Section) is designed both as an advanced expository writing class and as a training course for Writing Advisors. Writing Advisors are peer tutors, students who work one-on-one with undergraduates who need help with writing papers.

The course emphasizes expository and argumentative writing of the kind most often required by college courses in the humanities and social sciences. We will write and revise five papers, using techniques of argument that will be useful to you in your academic life and in the working world. These include arguments based on definition, cause and effect, and evaluation. The topics will be drawn from what's important to us -- reading, music, sports, sex, food, money, power, speech, love and death.

The class will include discussion of readings, practice with various techniques of writing and argument, peer review, and conferences with the instructor. Enrollment is by permission of the instructor.

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