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Topics in 19th Century Novel

ENGL 255.301
TR 12-1:30

Victorian Stories: Who Is Lying?

The seminar shall study Victorian tale-telling in relation to the variety of genres in which tales were told, most notably fiction, poetry, and painting. Through a comparison of fiction, long poems, Pre-Raphaelite painting, and illustration, we shall consider ways in which the medium alters not only the content of a story, but its ideology. Works we shall read include: Thackeray, VANITY FAIR; Charlotte Brontë, JANE EYRE, Dickens, DAVID COPPERFIELD; Tennyson, IDYLLS OF THE KING and selected short lyrics; Wilkie Collins, THE MOONSTONE; and Bram Stoker, DRACULA.

Each student will write a 10-page paper on some work or works not covered on the syllabus. In addition, there will probably be a midterm and a final examination.

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