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Writing Advisors Section

ENGL 135.303
MW 3-4:30

This section of 135 prepares selected undergraduates for work as writing advisors. The course design reflects the kind of growth that is necessary for a strong, intuitive writer and speaker to become a successful reader, listener and responder in peer-advising situations. Through a great deal of writing and rewriting, critical reading of published essays and student work, and informal and formal speaking, students will develop a conscious understanding of themselves as communicators and become aware of the choices they make to reach their audience.

The course work includes four formal essays in draft and revised forms, one group and two individual presentations, informal writing and speaking, and regular critiques of peers' written and spoken work. Through the writing advisors' mentor program, students will also observe writing advisors conducting writing conferences and then begin conducting their own sessions. By the semester's end, students should be ready to take on their own hours as writing advisors.

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