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Contemporary American Culture in Literature

ENGL 285.302
W 6:30-9:10

A Goldberg College House seminar taught by Associate Faculty Fellow Dr. Dana Phillips, Contemporary American Culture in Literture and Film will address three areas of contemporary American life: the relationship of intellectual life to popular culture; the character of contemporary politics, especially as influenced by mass media; and the nature and quality of life in a variety of urban and exurban communities. Readings will include novels by DeLillo, Pynchon, Atwood, and Dexter; poetry by A.R. Ammons; and a variety of nonfictional and critical essays. The class will also view a number of films, including Leningrad Cowboys Go America, Wag the Dog, and Ruby in Paradise. Each student will be asked to help plan and run at least one weekly session; each student will write three papers of moderate length (i.e., no more than eight pages). The class will meet in the Goldberg Lounge on Wednesdays. Enrollment is limited to twenty; the course is open to non-Goldberg residents.

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