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Contemporary U.S. Latina Writers

ENGL 290.401
TR 3-4:30

The last two decades have witnessed the emergence of significant literary movement by U.S. Latina writers.  This course will trace the development of this movement and its impact on contemporary modes of literary production and criticism as well as on racial and feminist political discourses.  We will thus read texts from various  genres, including poetry, drama, fiction and non-fiction prose, as well as some very influential pieces of criticism by and about Latinas.  In addition, we will examine the visual arts and its importance to Latina cultural production.  Among the authors we will read are: Anzaldua, Moraga, Villanueva, Santiago, Ortiz Cofer, Levins Morales, and Cervantes.  Students will be required to make one formal oral presentation to the class and to write three essays.

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