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Critical Theory and the Profession: An Introduction to Graduate Study in Literature

ENGL 590.401
R 9-12


Over the last three decades, the field of English literary studies has been reconfigured by a variety of theoretical and methodological developments. "Post-structuralism" (broadly understood as a term that describes the often confrontational dialogues between theoretical and political positions as varied as Deconstruction, New Historicism, Cultural Materialism, Feminism, Queer Theory, Minority Discourse Theory, Colonial and Post-colonial Studies and Cultural Studies) has, in particular, altered disciplinary agendas and intellectual priorities for students embarking on the professional study of literature. In this course, we will study key texts, statements and debates that define these issues, and will work towards a broad knowledge of the complex rewriting of the project of literary studies that is in process today.

Fulfills requirements.


fulfills requirements