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The historical concentration is for students seeking a historically comprehensive, intellectually intense route through the major. Instead of completing the 6-course Core, historical concentrators select 10 courses, of which at least 4 must be Advanced Seminars, for a broader historical range and coverage. The Junior Research Seminar (English 200), required for the major, may be placed as appropriate among the 10 courses. 

Eight of these courses are in historical periods, as follows:  

  • Medieval
  • Renaissance/Restoration
  • 18th century British
  • 19th century British
  • American pre 1900
  • American post 1900
  • Modernism
  • Contemporary Lit

The other two courses are in the following categories:

  • Literary Theory or Poetics
  • Ethnic, Transatlantic, or Colonial Literatures in English

Students then complete the 13-course major with 2-3 electives of their choice.

English majors historically have found the historical concentration to provide especially good preparation for applying to graduate school and for graduate study.