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In Memoriam: Robert Regan

"I’d like to pass on a few words about Robert Regan, a long-time member of the department who died last week.  He brought great energy and passion to his teaching and to department service. Most of his teaching was focused on the classical 19th century Americans whom he deeply loved.  He was particularly eloquent on the darker moments in  Emily Dickinson, a poet for whom he had a great affinity.  He was sometimes too shy to be explicit about this passion, but he communicated it nonetheless.  His service to the department included, but was not limited to, many years of acting as the undergraduate chair and as placement officer.  To the latter position, he gave endless hours of attention to graduate students’ applications and letters. He encouraged enthusiastic and detailed letters from faculty.   In more private ways, he often gave tough and instantaneous  encouragement to students who felt out of place or inadequately prepared for the university."
 -Deborah Burnham