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Advanced Fiction Writing: Autofiction

ENGL 115.302
M 1:45-4:45pm

Often what we write can feel close to home. Our characters and events, some firmly rooted in the real. But what is the overlap between writer and character? Writer and story? In this course, students will study the modern tradition (and trend) of autofiction, or fictionalized autobiography. We will read writers such as Li, Cusk, Heti, Nunez, Hempel, and Galchen, among others, and study autofiction in both short and long forms. In our discussion, we will attempt to pull apart the layers that go into a truthful story that is also a lie. Throughout the semester, students will have a chance to write autofiction of their own. Each student will be expected to turn in 4 short pieces (5-6 pages) that will culminate in a final portfolio of work.  There will be weekly response papers (1-2 pages) to the readings. Permit from the instructor is required. Please submit a brief writing sample to

fulfills requirements