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ENGL 059.401
also offered as: ARTH 294, ARTH 694, GSWS 294, VLST 236
MW 11

One of the most striking features of today's art world is the conspicuous
 place occupied in it by the photographic image. Large-scale color photographs
 and time-based installations in projections are everywhere. Looking back, we
 can see that much of the art making of the past 60 years has also been
 defined by this medium, regardless of the form it takes. Photographic images
 have inspired countless paintings, appeared in combines and installations,
 morphed into sculptures, drawings and performances, and served both as the
 object and the vehicle of institutional critique. They are also an increasingly
 important exhibition site: where most of us go to see earthworks, happenings
 and body-art. This course is a three-part exploration of our photographic

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