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Introduction to Literary Study: Modern World Literature cancelled

ENGL 100.900
crosslisted as: COML 100
Tuesday 4:30-8:20

What could it mean to desire the world, to want to become a world-citizen? The study of faraway literature has been crucial to the modern dream of a common world that all of humanity can claim as its own. In this survey-course, we will study some problems and promises of this dream, with a wild selection of classics (poems, novels, memoirs, films) that zigzags in time and across regions (Europe, Africa, North America, South Asia, the Caribbean). We will thus introduce ourselves to the appreciation and critical analysis of literary texts. In the company of drunken kings, botanical witches and storytellers who’ve lost their voice, we will reflect on our own encounters with the faraway and the familiar, sketch a beginner’s map of the field of literary theory, and train to explore keywords like ‘narrative' and ‘ideology’ productively in our own practices of reading and writing. There are no prerequisites; all texts are in English translation; students of all backgrounds, including those with no prior exposure to literary study, are welcome.