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Orwell and Hemingway

ENGL 461.940
Wednesday 5:30-8:30pm

George Orwell and Ernest Hemingway are giants of 20th century literature. This course will compare their careers as writers within the contrasting literary and political cultures of England and America. Both men both fled the middle-class worlds of their youth, learned the writing trade as journalists, were wounded in wars, and gained enormous popularity. We'll trace the effects of journalism on their writing, their codes of masculinity and depictions of women, their views on politics and art, and their involvement in major events of the 20th century. We'll also consider the perspectives of their many biographers and critics. Texts will include many of Hemingway's short stories and Orwell's essays, and the following works: The Sun Also Rises, For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Old Man and the Sea, Down and Out in Paris and London, Burmese Days, Homage to Catalonia, Animal Farm, and 1984. Written work will include frequent short papers as well as mid-term and final essays.


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Elective Seminar of the Standard Major
Sector 6: 20th Century Literature of the Standard Major