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Fiction Writing Workshop

ENGL 112.301
Monday 2:00-5:00

English 112 is a boot camp for fiction writers. In this class you will write and read every week. By the end of semester you'll have a large portfolio of new work, plus a stronger set of craft skills. Come prepared to roll up your sleeves!

Each week we will address a different craft topic through readings, in-class and online discussion, and with a writing assignment designed to illuminate technical issues in fiction writing. Our reading list includes examples from 20th and 21st-century contemporary short fiction, which will be bundled into an inexpensive bulkpack. Writing assignments are tied to the craft topics we are investigating.


This class is appropriate for intermediate and advanced fiction writers, or advanced nonfiction writers with strong sense of narrative. Instructor permission is required for registration. Please send a sample of at least 3 pages of your fiction to, along with a note explaining your interest and background in fiction writing.