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London Theatre

ENGL 068.950

London is one of the most exciting theatre centers in the world and the
focus of this course will be on live performance. The “London Theatre
Experience” will provide an incomparable opportunity to learn about a wide
range of dramatic forms, acting styles, theatrical conventions and
performance spaces. We will attend three performances each week, produced
by companies such as the Royal National, the Royal Court, and Shakespeare’s
Globe; we will also see a diverse selection of pieces staged in the
historic theatres of the West End (London’s equivalent of Broadway) and in
Fringe Theatres, smaller and sometimes “converted” spaces in pubs,
warehouses and even out-of-doors (London’s version of “off-” and “off-off-”
Broadway). Class meetings will consist primarily of discussions about the
productions we have seen; once each week, Michael Billington, distinguished
theatre critic for the Guardian newspaper, will lead the
conversation. (Note: Tickets and tours will be arranged in advance; costs
are covered by program fee.)

fulfills requirements
Sector 6: 20th Century Literature of the Standard Major