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Embodied Writing: A Writing Workshop

ENGL 410.640
Wednesdays 5:30-8:10

There is no mind without a body, no words without a mouth to form them, an
ear to catch them, a body to play out the tremor of suggested emotion or
try on an idea. Unlocking the meaning of words, the mind taps the
physical, re-membering the body. To write is to put keys in the ignition of
this virtual reality, and if we want our readers to feel anything—to see if
our way—we must pave the way. This workshop will explore the
intersection of writing and the body. We will examine the issue of
embodiment theoretically—philosophically, culturally, politically; we will
investigate the body as a subject in the arts; and we will experiment with
a variety of embodiment practices to ground us in our senses and see what
they might unlock in our creative expression. But mostly we will
write. Students may focus on one genre or experiment with many.
We will have weekly peer review. Revision is expected. This is
a workshop that will teach all writers to write persuasively and

fulfills requirements