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Writing for Children

ENGL 121.301
Wednesdays 2-5:00 pm

If your idea of a perfect afternoon is reading something written by Rainbow Rowell and/or John Green and/or Katherine Patterson and/or Suzanne Collins and/or Roald Dahl and/or JK Rowling (duh!) – among others – this may be your class. And if your idea of even a more perfect afternoon is figuring out how you can write at least fifty pages of your very own middle grade/young adult novel… along with a full outline… and have your material workshopped by your peers, this is definitely the class for you. We will discuss all elements of writing narrative fiction: plot, characters, dialogue … and we will focus, most importantly, on what it means to develop and trust your writer’s voice. We will probably talk a bit about the “business” of publishing and the distinction between markets (like middle grade and young adult, for example). Previous writing classes/experiences is not necessary, but an email explaining why you want to take this course is required. Permission by instructor.

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