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Creative Writing: Poetry and Non-Fiction

ENGL 010.303

In this workshop-style class, we'll explore the relationships between fact and writing, in both traditional and non-traditional poetic and non-fiction forms. Students will watch videos, listen to audio and read works which explore truth as the author sees. The class will discuss the pieces -- who is the writer representing, to whom are they speaking, what are facts are they highlighting, what facts are they choosing to leave out, etc... -- in an effort to understand better how to best present their own writing. The class will be expected to write poetry and short non-fiction inspired by the works we will be examining in class, with class participation and attendance being especially vital. Students in the class should expect to generate a high volume of writing, with focused revisions expected for selected works. Students will turn in a final portfolio, which will include both poetry and non-fiction, and will be expected to present work out loud as a part of the grade as well.

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