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Study of an Author: Shakespeare

ENGL 101.920

FulfillsĀ Arts & Letters Sector (All Classes)

This is an introduction to literary study through the works of a single author--often Shakespeare, but some versions of this course will feature other writers. (For offerings in a given semester, please see the on-line course descriptions on the English Department website.) We will read several works and approach them--both in discussion and in writing--from a range of critical perspectives. The author's relation to his or her time, to literary history generally, and to the problems of performance, are likely to be emphasized. Some versins of this coruse will also serve as an introduction to other members of the English faculty, who will visit the class as guest lecturers. This course is designed for the Generaly Requirement and is ideial for the student wishing to take an English course but not necessarily intending to major. See the English Department's website at for a description of the current offerings.

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