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18th Century British Literature & Culture: Satire

ENGL 041.910

Fulfills Distributional Course in Arts & Letters (for students admitted before Fall 2006)

This course will explore the idea and practice of satire across a rage of genres and forms in English literature during Britain’s Long Eighteenth Century (1660-1832).  We will read works by some of the most influential English satirists, including Lord Rochester, Jonathan Swift, Alexander Pope, Samuel Johnson, Jane Austen, and Evelyn Waugh. If we have time, we will also see how satire shifts into various other media, such as caricature, cartoon, and film in graphic works by William Hogarth and James Gillray, and films by Amy Heckerling and Monty Python. Requirements will include spirited class participation, short weekly writing assignments, a final exam, and a satire of your own creation.

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