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Contemporary International Film

ENGL 292.401
also offered as: CINE 202, ARTH 290
TR 12-1:30 Evening Screenings R 4:30-7:30 will be held in VANP

This is a course in contemporary international film cultures and   national cinemas. We will examine the idea of world cinema and set up a model of how it can be explored by studying contemporary film in various countries.  We will explore ways in which cinemas from around the globe have attempted to come to terms with Hollywood, and look at forces which lead many filmmakers to define themselves in opposition to Hollywood norms.  We will also consider an equally powerful tendency in such films to explore the language of cinema independent of Hollywood influences, and we will keep this in mind as we see films which are distinctive in their style and their creativity.   Finally, we will engage with the question of which films/cinemas get labeled as “world cinema” and what determines entry into the sphere of world cinema.

fulfills requirements
Elective Seminar of the Standard Major
Advanced Cinema Studies Seminar of the Cinema Studies Track