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ENGL 416.640
T 6:30-9:30

This course takes students into the exiting world of telling stories for the

visual medium of film.  We will learn the current professional screenplay

format, read classic screenplays (i.e.  USUAL SUSPECTS, BLADE RUNNER, ETERNAL

SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, CHINATOWN) and closely analyze both the texts

and the actual films they spawned.  Much attention will be paid to creating

complex characters who speak in compelling, delineated voices.  Each workshop

participant will be expected to write a short screenplay of 12-15 pages (with

a beginning, middle and end) and have it read in class where it will be

thoroughly discussed by both the instructor and the group.  Outlining the

story and the architecture of narrative structure are of paramount importance

to us so much time will be devoted to this area.  Each student will be

expected to keep a JOURNAL for the class, detailing their development in what

is a truly challenging medium.


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