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Counterculture and the Hollywood Renaissance

ENGL 295.920
TR 5:30-8:40

When Bonnie and Clyde hit cinemas in 1967, they began a siege on American audiences that would last well over a decade and that would change the course of film history. Following in their wake came an onslaught of countercultural heros who challenged the traditions and expectations of American culture and film practice. Films from Taxi Driver to the Graduate, Apocalypse Now to 2001 influenced and were influenced by the signs of a decade that included drug culture, student rebellion, Vietnam, Stonewall, and the civil rights movement. Hollywood, too, was changing from the classic studio system to one run by mavericks and renegades, loners, and visionaries. In this class, well watch a range of important movies, both American and European, that transformed the landscape of American film culture. Well pay particular attention to the cross-fertilization of the French New Wave, German New Cinema and Hollywood Renaissance movements. Readings will track important theoretical, social and industrial transformations of global cinema during the 60s and 70s.

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