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Peer Tutor Training

ENGL 135.304
TR 10:30-12

Prerequisite(s): Fulfillment of Writing Requirement
Co-requisite(s): Permission of Director

This course is intended for capable writers who possess the maturity and temperament to work successfully as peer tutors at Penn. The course emphasizes the development of tutors' own writing through the process of collaborative peer-criticism, individual conferences, and intensive sessions on writing, from mechanics to style. The class meets twice weekly; tutors also work two hours weekly in the Writing Center or elsewhere, and confer regularly in small groups or one-on-one meetings with the instructor. Tutors are required to write four papers, eight peer critiques, and two responses to readings. Additionally, students keep a journal and give two class presentations. Tutoring training occurs in the classroom as well as onsite. Issues and ideas as well as problems arising out of on-the-job experience in the Center can be brought back to the classroom for discussion. CWIC-affiliated course.  

fulfills requirements