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ENGL 114.401
M 2-5



OBJECTIVES: This class is designed to introduce students to the basic components required for the creation of a play.

OUTCOMES: By the end of this course students will show an ability to recognize and apply the following:

1. Dramatic tension - the creation of a clear-cut conflict
2. Characterization - creating characters through dialogue, action and objectives
3. Exposition - providing needed information in a subtle and dramatically interesting way
4. Rhythms - the flow of dialogue both within a character's speech and through interaction with other characters

Students will also be exposed to the realities behind writing for the theater, which include:

1. Stage time vs. "real" time
2. The differences between writing for theater and writing for film
3. Realistic expectations for actors
4. The working relationship between playwright and director


1. Due to the fact this class meets once a week, attendance and punctuality are very important. In case of absence it is the student's responsibility to contact the instructor ASAP via e-mail.
2. Students are required to have scripts for themselves, cast members, and the instructor. In other words, if you have three characters you need five copies. 3. It is to be assumed that assigned readings will actually be read.
4. Students will be required to see or participate in two (2) theatrical productions during the term.
5. Proper playwriting form must be used at all time. Examples will be provided in class.


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