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The History of Print Culture: In Early Modern Europe and America

ENGL 297.401
M 2-5:00

"The History of Print Culture in Early Modern Europe" will start with a reading of Roger Chartier's The Order of Books and proceed to a series of case studies. The latter will include: 1) the formation of the "author" as a category; 2) the uses of woodcuts and engravings in books; 3) translating and disseminating the bible; 4) "popular" uses of books; 5) the book as a material form and its alternatives (scrolls; tablets; wall paintings etc.); 6) oral and written culture, with particular attention to the printing of plays.

The course will focus upon the bible, Hamlet, and Richardson's Pamela. We will make extensive use of the rare books in libraries throughout Philadelphia as well as at Penn.

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