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Fiction Writing Workshop

ENGL 412.640
R 6:30-9:10

General description:

This is a fiction writing course, meaning you will mainly write and talk about writing--your own and that of your peers. It is also likely that we will read a bit of short fiction and discuss it.

Course requirements:

--25 pages of double-spaced prose. This is expected to be as polished as it can be given your talents and the time constraints of the semester. It will be graded mainly on its level of excellence. The 25 pages do not have to be a single story, or even two. I'll want to see half of the requirement mid-semester.

--Two workshop submissions, the second to be a revised version of the first, unless otherwise stipulated. Your workshop pieces and the final 25 pages will be the same material. Exceptions will be allowed in the event that the prose with which you've begun the term falls apart on you and must be tossed away.

--Serving as editor for two workshop pieces. As editor, you will be expected to have an in-depth knowledge of the piece, you will initiate the class discussion about the piece, and you will furnish to the writer and to me a formal response to the piece (not literary criticism).

--Class participation. This is vital and expected of you, and will certainly have bearing on your final grade.

Office hours:

By arrangement. Do not hesitate to arrange a meeting for any difficulties or questions you have during the semester. Use email if that suits you.

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