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Computing and the Humanities: Introduction to Computer Analysis of Text

ENGL 205.401
TR 3-4:30

This course is an introduction to the use of computers for textual analysis, with special emphasis on textual research in the Humanities. Successful completion of this course will prepare students to do computer-aided textual research on bodies of text. Projects will include the creation of an encoded electronic text in English, writing simple scripts to access it and analyze it, and creating an interactive web interface. Skills taught will include intermediate HTML (including web forms, layout and formatting with Cascading Style Sheets), XML, simple database procedures, web scripts, and simple programming for analyzing texts. The class will utilize a combination of lecture, discussion, presentations, and practical lab experience. Enrollment is limited and preference is given to students who have completed COLL 110. There are no prerequisites, but students should already be familiar with writing basic HTML.

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