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Looking at Pictures: Psychoanalysis and Film cancelled

ENGL 573.401
M 3-6:00

How can we explain our extraordinary desire to create and view moving pictures? Is the historical birth of psychoanalysis and the cinema a twin emergence of profound relevance or a coincidence? According to Lacan, "in the matter of the visible, everything is a trap ... there is not a single one of the sides that the function of vision presents that is not manifested as a labyrinth." In this course we are going to tug gently at Ariadne's thread, making our way through the labyrinth of the field of vision. Our main question is deceptively simple: Why do we gain so much -- and so many kinds -- of pleasure from movies?

This course will give you a basic introduction to the language of psychonanalysis -- beginners are most welcome, and the course will be a good refresher for the more experienced. We will view a selection of films from a variety of genres and periods, and advance input on films you would love to watch is welcome. Please contact

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