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Afro-American Literature

ENGL 570.401
M 12-3:00

In this course, we will engage examples of Afro-American expressive culture -- including and especially literature, of course, but also film and music -- produced during the 1970s.� Operating under the assumption that the cultural and sociopolitical upheavals of the 1960s profoundly affected if not the material conditions of the majority of black Americans, then the types of inquiries artists and scholars felt they could legitimately make, we will seek to identify major issues that animated black artistic and scholarly production during the first full decade of the post-Civil Rights era. Our own interdisciplinary examination of this decade's representations of such subjects as family, gender, space, blackness, community, history, wealth, and the perils and possibilities of integration will be supplemented by a lecture series sponsored by the Center for the Study of Black Literature and Culture.� Course requirements: a 2-4 page response to one of the readings; a 7-10 page annotated bibliography; and a 10 page final essay.

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