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History of Print Culture

ENGL 297.401
MW 3-4:30

"The History of Print Culture in Early Modern Europe" will start with a reading of Roger Chartier's *Forms and Meanings* and proceed to a series of case studies. The latter will include: 1) the formation of the "author" as a category; 2) the uses of woodcuts and engravings in books; 3) translating and disseminating the bible; 4) "popular" uses of books; 5) books and cross-cultural contacts; 6) the book as a material form and its alternatives (scrolls; tablets; wall paintings etc.); 7) access to literacy and to books (monasteries, schools, universities, booksellers, pedlars etc), and methods of storage (churches, libraries, private houses etc.); 8) oral and written culture, with particular attention to the printing of plays."

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