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ENGL 114.401
M 2-5:00

"This course is designed as a hands-on workshop in the art and craft of dramatic writing. It involves the study of existing plays (including a new play which will be premiered locally this semester); the systematic exploration of such elements as storymaking, plot, structure, theme, character, dialogue, setting, etc.; and most importantly, the development of students' own plays through a series of written assignments and in-class exercises. Above all, this course is an inquiry; it challenges student playwrights to test their assumptions about theatre and pay rigorous attention to their own experiences as audience members. In this way, students gradually acquire a set of skills and working principles, rather than adopt a prescribed 'formula' for dramatic writing. Since a great deal of this work takes place in class -- through lectures, discussions, spontaneous writing exercises, and the reading of studnet work -- weekly attendance and active participation are crucial."

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