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Fiction Writing Workshop

ENGL 112.301
M 2-5:00

This is a workshop-style class which focuses on basic techniques of fiction. Each student will complete two short stories (approximately 3500-6000 words.) These stories will be scheduled in advance for workshop discussion.

In addition, there will be regular writing assignments designed to illuminate the major technical concerns of fiction writers. We will cover topics such as Point of View, Voice and Narrative Distance as well as issues of structure and style. Readings will include classic and contemporary fiction, as well as topical readings on the art of fiction, but the most important reading assignments will be the work submitted by your fellow students. In this workshop the thoughtfulness and thoroughness of your criticism is as crucial as the written work you produce.

Students interested in the course should submit one writing sample to Karen Rile, Department of English 119 Bennett Hall/6273. Also include your name, SS#, undergraduate class, and telephone number where you can be reached. Permit is required by the instructor.

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