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The Traveler in London/The London Traveler

ENGL 293.950

As we personally revel in being travelers in London, we will join with and examine that society through the words and images of those who have reveled before us. Our tour guides will be those visitors who have given us rich descriptions and impressions of London, or Londoners who have described other lands and cultures through the filter of their own. We will share their experiences through excerpts of journals, diaries, letters, travelogues, and personal essays, as well as visual records on film and in art. We will choose travel partners ranging through time, such as James Boswell, William Hogarth, E.M. Forster, Michael Palin, and others. We will not only explore the work of these artists, but also consider the journeys they recreate for us by their art. And through such vicarious traveling, we can give shape and artistic voice to our own unique reactions, as we delightedly join the long, distinguished line of travelers in London.

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