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Introduction to Asian American Literature

ENGL 072.401
TR 12-1:30

What does it mean to be Asian American? What is an Asian American identity? How do we define ourselves and how are we defined by others? We will consider these general questions in the particular field of Asian American literature by examining the social and historical contexts that have shaped the possibilities for defining an Asian American identity. We will discuss such issues as racism, assimilation, generational conflicts, family, gender, sexuality, and class. Class time will be divided between lecture and discussion. Texts to be read may include: Monica Sone, Nisei Daughter; Maxine Hong Kingston, China Men; Fae Ng, Bone; Kim Ronyoung, Clay Walls; Milton Murayama, All I Asking for Is My Body; Lois-Ann Yamanaka, Saturday Night at the Pahala Theatre; and Rachna Mara, Of Customs and Excise. Course requirements will include two short papers, midterm, and final.