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Creative Non-Fiction Writing

ENGL 135.601
W 4:30-7:10

In this course you will be challenged, through directed reading and writing assignments, to experiment with multiple approaches to similar themes. We will also address important technical issues in prose writing, such as narrative and thematic tension, manipulation of transitions, and point of view. My goal is for you to consider your themes from many angles, to make many attempts, for "attempt" is, after all, the literal meaning behind the label "essay" (_essai_.)

Each week you will read one or more essay models on which you will base that week's writing. You will write every week and are encouraged to revisit the same themes with different techniques.

This class is writing workshop in which your verbal participation is as important as your writing. You will be asked to xerox your own work for class critique and to give thoughtful, constructive feedback on the work of your fellow student writers.

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