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Writing Advisors Section

ENGL 135.302
MW 3-4:30

This course is specially designed for undergraduate Writing Advisors to strengthen their writing skills,to provide them with regular writing experience and substantial feedback, and to introduce them to principles of peer review. Students will write frequently, but they will also read model essays as well as several books about writing intended to make them self-conscious about the writing process and the process of offering constructive feedback to their peers.

In addition to four formal essays required in draft form and revised, students write many informal assignments, read each other's writing and meet regularly in peer review groups where they offer and receive feedback on their work. In addition to the coursework, students will be assigned to working writing advisors as mentors. They will observe their mentors conducting writing conferences and gradually begin conducting their own. By the end of the semester, all students are prepared to take on their own office hours.

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