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Writing the Essay

ENGL 125.301
TR 1:30-3

This is an advanced writing course; its focus will be the expository essay, whether in the form of an explanation, an argument, or a personal experience/reflective essay. We will examine the rhetorical strategies and patterns available to shape ideas into moving, convincing essays, strategies such as: definition, description, analysis, personal narrative, observation, satire, and logical argument. I will provide a textbook that illustrates various rhetorical strategies, and I will provide some topics to read and write about; most topics and readings, however, will be determined by the students in the course. We will read essays from a variety of disciplines; students from all disciplines are encouraged to take the course. Requirements include several 5-page papers, one slightly longer paper, class participation, and the careful reviewing of each others' work. An upper-division course open to first-year students.

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