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ENGL 103.001
TR 1:30-3

English 103 will introduce you to many aspects of poetry as an art form. We will be studying a variety of major poems in English in order to look at significant changes in the production and reception of lyric, dramatic, and narrative poems. We will consider such issues as voice, diction, image, trope, form, occasion, sequence, and closure. Metrics will be emphasized as a dynamic and historical aspect of poetic making. We will also discuss broad historical changes in poetry's role in the culture and in the configuration of the poet's relation to audience.

Our texts will be the Norton Anthology of Poetry and John Hollander's handbook on metrics, Rhyme's Reason. Students will take two short tests on metrics and form, write approximately 15 pages of essay examinations at mid-term and the close of the semester, and will also submit a 10 page analysis of works by two poets of varying periods.

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