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Intro to Asian American Literature

ENGL 072.401
TR 1:30-3

This class will offer a general introduction to Asian American history and culture through the literary works of Asian American writers. We will explore how Asian American writers have responded to the racism and discrimination that they confronted in American culture, and the ways in which they represent Asian American communities, families, and identities in their writing. The course will situate the literature in the chronology of Asian American history, from early immigration at the turn of the century, to the watershed years of WWII and the civil rights movements, to the major shifts in Asian American demographics following immigration reform in the 1960s. We will also discuss such issues as assimilation, generational conflicts, family, gender, sexuality, and class. This class will be divided between lecture and discussion so attendance and participation are essential. Course requirements will include a midterm, final, and two short papers.

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