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ENGL 201.920
MTWR 10:40-12:15

This survey of the major medieval and Renaissance English poets treats
selections from Chaucer's _Canterbury Tales_, Spenser's _Fairie Queene_,
Shakespeare's I Henry 4_ and Milton's _Paradise Lost_, in addition to readings
of short lyrical poems by Wyatt, Sidney, Spenser, Marlowe, Ralegh, Shakespeare
and Donne.  Class discussion will concentrate on interpreting these texts  in
terms of their historical contexts as well as their own intrinsic
significance. We will also consider ways in which these works make themselves
felt in contemporary America as seen, for example, in a film such as _My Own
Private Idaho_.  Students will be expected to attend class regularly and to
participate actively in discussion. In addition there will be  two short
essays (5-10 pages each) assigned and a final ("open book") examination.

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