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Fiction Writing Workshop

ENGL 112.910
MT 5:30-8:10

This critique/discussion course deals with basic techniques of fiction writing. Classic and contemporary works of fiction are used as examples for analysis, though the workshop centers on writing produced by class members. Short writing assignments help to focus on particular problems of voice, point of view, character development, and structure, but these are mostly optional, and such technical considerations are addressed and reviewed through stories, sketches, and revisions produced in the course of the semester. Story length varies, although 20-25 pages overall is common.

Individual conferences are part of the course and can be arranged on Mondays and Tuesdays. Students interested in the course should submit writing samples to D. Cavallo, 119 Bennett Hall, and include social security number, class status, and phone number. The class is limited to 12-15 students and open to a restricted number of non-CGS students. Non-CGS students should submit samples by April 7th, and will be informed about permits by April 17th.

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