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Anglophone Post-Colonial Literature

ENGL 572.401
M 12-3

This is a course on post colonial texts form African and Caribean. The focus is on text in which a critical awareness of the colonial condition is expressed by the author or represented through the narator or the character(s)

The key issues to be explored include theme like social and human consequences of the colonial experience (the emergence of hybrid cultures and other forms of hybridity: new forms of personality, language social and institutions), and the construction of a new critical language.
For the assesment of performance in the course candidate will be required to present a file of three essays(not exceeding 2,000 words each) and a final take home examination (2 questions requiring answers not exceeding 12 typed quarto pages double spacing).
Dan S. Izevbaye is currently a professor of English at the University of Ibadan
Education: University of Ibadan - B.A. (Honours) English 1965; Ph.D 1968
Research Interest: African Literature, Literary thoery, Literature in a  colonial context
Current Projects: The early literary Histories of Nigerian Literatures; Christopher Okigbo and Wole Soyinka; early africal travellers
Teaching experience: at the University of Lagos,Ibadan,Benin-City and Kent at Canterbury.

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