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Junior Honors Seminar: Chaucer's

ENGL 309.301
TR 10:30-12

Chaucer's most celebrated poem (apart from his Canterbury inclinations), "Troilus and Cressyde" is without a doubt one of the most significant poems of the English Middle Ages. As a way of preparation for the Honors thesis, this course will use Chaucer's poem as a vehicle for discussing topics in literary research, writing, theory, and bibliographical innuendo. This course is only open to Juniors who have applied for the Honors program (please see e-mail message sent to all majors) and promissd to be an informative journey into what the profession of academia is all about. Class requirements: oral reports, research assignments, group work, discussion, teaching segments, and a research paper (20-25 pages). Students who do well in this course will be given the option of writing an Honors thesis in their Senior year (and will be well prepared to do so).