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Advanced Creative Non-Fiction Workshop

ENGL 145.301
F 2-5

This workshop is for experienced writers of creative prose. You will sharpen your writing skills, both through peer critique and by critiquing the work of your peers. In our discussions we will explore issues concerning the craft of narratine and non-narrative non-fiction prose,including essays, memoir, book-reviews, and other forms.
You will have at least two opportunities to present a long (approx. 10-20 page), self-contained workshop piece of any topic, style, or non-fiction genre of your choosing. Additionally, there will be weekly short (approx. 1500 word) assignments designed to illuminate specific technical issues including tension, connection, transition, point-of-view, psychic distance, and various concerns about structure.
Note: English majors taking this course may wish to consider the new "Literature and Print Journalism" concentration.

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