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Fiction Writing Workshop

ENGL 112.910
Mt 5:30-8:10

This critique and discussion course deals with basic techniques of fiction
writing.  Classic and contemporary works of fiction will serve as examples
for analysis, though the workshop centers on writing produced by class
members.  Short writing assignments help to focus on particular problems of
voice, point of view, character development, and structure.  These
technical considerations are particularly addressed in critique, discussion
of work by class members, in fragments and of sketches progress, and in
revisions produced in the course of the semester.  Story length varies,
although two short stories or one long story, 20-25 pages overall is   
common.  Private conferences are part of the course and will be arranged by
appointment on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Students interested in the course   
should submit writing samples to Diana Cavallo, by placing them in her   
mailbox in the English Department office, 119 Bennett Hall.  Please include
SS#, class status, and telephone number where you can be reached.

fulfills requirements