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Mapping the Post Modern: Literature in the Information Age

ENGL 484.601
T 6:30-9:10

This interdisciplinary course will explore some of the central issues of postmodernity--memory and history, representation and technology, subjectivity and gender--through the fiction of such authors as Borges, Calvino, Wittig, Achebe, Lessing, Robinson, Morrison, Thomas, DeLillo, and Stephenson; the hybrid works of Phillips, Spiegelman and Ballard; viewings of films (_True Romance_, _Blade Runner_, others tbd) and television programs (MST3000, TV Nation).  We will also examine how theorists such as Jameson, Spivak, Baudrillard, Butler, Cixous, and Haraway have approached these issues.
All foreign-language texts will be taught in translation.  Course requirements will include a midterm and final exam, and two papers.    

Note: This course is designed for graduate students in the "Masters of Liberal Arts Program" but *is* open to advanced undergraduate English majors.

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