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A Cultural History of the Sixties

ENGL 285.601
also offered as: COML 248.602
R 6-9:10

This cultural history of the Sixties will explore the emergence of postmodern thought (primarily in America, with attention to important British and French influences) through the novels of Kerouac, Pynchon, Baldwin, LeGuin, Lessing, Perec, and Wittig; and films such as Dr. Strangelove, Alphaville, The Graduate, and A Hard Day's Night.  The literature and film will be set in context through readings of the decade's key political and theoretical texts, including Kennedy's
Inaugural Address, the Port Huron Statement, King's "I Have a Dream" speech, The NOW Declaration, and the work of McLuhan, Friedan, Brown, and the Situationists.  Foreign language texts will be taught in translation. Course requirements will include two exams and two papers.

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