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Intermediate Expository Writing

ENGL 125.301

English 125 is a new, intermediate-level course designed for the writer interested in reaching his/her audience more effectively.  Through writing (and re-writing), and through discussing readings which describe and demonstrate various rhetorical strategies, you'll become familiar with diverse techniques for composing and analyzing written works related to your area(s) of interest.  To add reality to the writing context, we'll use the publication approach.  For the term's duration, each of you will take on the roles of editor and author.  Working on the editorial board of a publication you create, you'll solicit, critique, and eventually publish articles from classmates.  Moonlighting as a freelance writer, you'll
strive to publish your work in at least two class publications.  My expectation is that by the end of the term, you'll have transferred skills gained from your role as editor to your own writing, and so write and revise more productively.  I also hope that through this course, you'll develop a working relationship with a group of peer-editors from whom you can solicit incisive critiques on your future work.  
This course will satisfy the entire College Writing Requirement. It will also, of course, count toward the English major.

fulfills requirements