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ENGL 116.301
M 3-6

This course will look at the screenplay as both a literary text and blue-print for production.  Several clasic screenplay
texts will be critically analyzed (i.e. REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, DOCTOR STRANGELOVE, PSYCHO, etc.).  Students will then embark on writing their own scripts.  We will intensively focus on: character enhancement, creating "believable" cinematic dialogue, plot development and story structure, conflict, pacing, dramatic foreshadowing, the element of surprise, text and subtest and visual story-telling.  Class attendance is mandatory.  Students will submit their works-in-progress to the workshop for discussion.  Students interested in the course should submit writing samples to M. Lapadula.  Department of English 119 Bennett Hall/6273.  Also include your name, SS#, undergraduate class or post-graduate status, and telephone number where you can be reached.  Permission from instructor only.

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